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So basically I have always had a heavy cycle, it will last up to 7 days and causes me horrible cramps (I have had one child and the cramps feel very similar to early labor pains). But now it seems as if my period is running me down.
  My fiance did some research and was nice enough to purchase me a product called the "diva cup", since I was going through tampons like crazy and it ruined every outing we did.
  Since getting it I have been using the measuring lines on it to measure how much blood Im losing, for the past 4 cycles I have measured over 1 cup total of blood lost and to me that does not sound normal. In a different form I measured one cycle and I lost a total of 20 grams every 2 hours, and close to 3500 grams for the whole 7 days.
  Now during and after my period Im so ran down, Im exhausted and have constant headaches and just feel horrible. Is it normal to bleed this much or can this be hurting me? My OBGYN knows I bleed alot but she does not seemed concerned.

hi Amber
I will suggest that u start with safe herbal supplement to improve ur condition--

Female health support cap--1 morning evening
pradrantak churan--1 spoon with milk daily for 2 months and u will see good change

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