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Endocervical transfer zone was absent from 1st pap smear and pelvic sonograms show >5mm endocervical lining & 2 small fibroids.
   First try for Endo/biopsy painfully failed due to tightly closed cervix, was given three 200mg misoprostol oral tablets and had a painful success for biopsy the next day, plus another pap test.  Results came today.. was told biopsy results are negative and pap test shows negative but with "atrophic pattern, parabasal cell type".
 I am 56yrs old, periods suddenly stopped 3 yrs ago with no menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, etc and have had no bleeding or spotting, no hormone therapy, NO exam or pap tests since a D&C 12 yrs ago for painful, heavy periods, I have a family history (both sides) of uterine cancer, and I am otherwise healthy.
  Will it be wise for me to wait a whole year for another exam and pap smear as was suggested? I am concerned about the >5mm post menopausal endo/lining and the pap test results, as I can find no real explanation as to what it means. Also, would the large doses of Misoprostol in the 24 hrs. before the pap test change the results?  Thank You.

Nothing to worry u are perfectly fine.

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