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I am 39 years old.

For this month, my menses started on 20 April around 8 pm with a light flow as usual.  Everything was still normal in the morning of 21 April - I woke up as usual and made breakfast for the kids.  Around 11am, I went back to sleep with stomach cramp and back pain.  I woke up a few hours later and when I stood up to go to the washroom, I felt a sudden gush of liquid between my legs. I was surprised to see so much blood on the floor even with tampon and pad.  

I would usually use tampon together with a regular pad for the first 2 days of my menses - a habit.  I started having menstruation when I was 11 and it has been regular - around the same date every month plus or minus a day or two.  In the beginning it would last between 10 days to 2 weeks.  In recent months, it was 2 days of light to normal flow before spotting on the 3rd to 6th days.  That's it.  

For this month, after the gushing of blood, my menses continue on with heavy flow until today.  I'm worried now because the past few months I have been having bad bloated stomach for no reason at all.  A week before this month's menses, the bloated stomach was so bad, it reached to the back and took about 2 days to go away.  

Could this be peri-menopause or something more sinister is going on in my body?

I have gave birth to 3 children (all normal delivery) with the last one about 5.5 years ago.  No complication at all.  No diabetes or high blood pressure or any other sickness that I know of.

These are hormonal changes coming up in ur body as u are reaching 40
I would suggest safe herbal combinations that u can start and can find the herbs with Orchid pharma in Little India

Female Health support cap ---1 morning evening
Pitta balance cap--1 morning evening
Nari Kalyan churan--1/2 spoon with water

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