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I am currently 10 days over due for my period. I'm normally very regular.  I'm 36 years old will be 37 in September.  I know that I am not pregnant as have had no sex since my last period. I do not have normal vaginal discharge either that I normally have. I have not seen normal signs of ovulation. My last period was end of march and ended in the beginning of April.  I have not had any other signs or symptoms other than lack of vaginal discharge and missed period. I feel fine otherwise.

I am low in testosterone. Women normally have number ranges in 62-85, and a bloodtest showed a testosterone level of 29. They did try progstrone cream for several months which did not help (sex drive), and then she put me on DHEA which naturally converts to testosterone in the body.  On 25mg I had achne that hurt so bad I could barely talk. She reduced it to 1/2 and that did not change. So she took me off of it, and said any other of the treatments for low testosterone would have the same side effects.

My doctor also found out I'm deficient in Vitamin D and have been taking 4,000 IU daily. These remmedies for testosterone difeciency and vitamin D deficiency were done almost 2 years ago.

I'm hoping its a simple hormone imbalance (not related to any major health issue) as I really would like to try to conceive starting in September. I fear that this new health issue means I may not be able to.

Are there any supplements that can help with regulating and normalizing all hormones in women?

I do have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks but waiting that long is causing much anxiety in me. I have contemplated going to Urgent Care to figure out what the issue is now.

Thank YOU!

Please start with safe herbal supplements like---

Shatavari---1 morning evening
Female health support cap--1 morning evening with water
Pradrantak churan--1 spoon evening with water
all this for 2 months and u will see good change in urself
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dr meenakshi

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