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A couple weeks ago I had my very first Kidney Stone and it brought with it a UTI; these conditions were both treated but sadly the antibiotics from the UTI seem to have triggered the worst yeast infection of my life!

I am not prone to yeast infections and have only had one before about a year ago but this one started small (pain during sex) and has ended with me writhing in pain from bumps/lesions, tears and a variety of other problems.

I've been to a doctor who has done a culture and I do not have herpes (have been tested and both myself and my partner were virgins). But what I need to know is when will things like this heal!!! I am going crazy out of the pain of these symptoms and can't enjoy life!! I was treated with fluconazole about 2 days ago and have been using a topical nystatin powder on the area about 2wice a day as well along with taking the antibiotic cipro. The cuts are presenting the worst of the problem and I am in constant pain and can no longer use the bathroom. The Doctor recommended Balmex to help with the pain and chafing and though it does help it has done nothing to put me back where I need to be!

I've had this yeast infection for about a week and am trying everything to treat it but it seems like I should be seeing more progress then I am. I am so frustrated and have already been suffering for a week; how much longer am I looking at having to endure this terrible condition? I go back to my doctor this Monday for routine blood work and plan on asking their opinion as well.

My dear i will suggest that u stop all antibotic experiments on ur body and switch to safe herbal medicine that is very very effective and free from side effects

Rencure formula---2 morning evening
Mutrkrichantak Churan--1 spoon daily evening
Neeri tablets---2 morning evening
Chandanadhi tablets---2 morning evening
all this for 1 month and u will see good change in ur condition
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dr meenakshi

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