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Yesterday and today I have been experiencing odd lower back cramps. They were not enough to slow me down at work but, certainly enough for me to notice. Also felt a little pressure around my abdomen. I blew it off until I got home and, saw that I had a clear, bubble like (or chunky) odorless discharge I have never see before. Two days before this I broke out on my jaw line. I'm not on my period, or getting ready to start. I was off it about 6 days ago. A week before that I was sexually active (17-24) everyday. I started my period the 21 but we continued to remain sexually active. We did have unprotected sex but, pulled out every time (I the risks you don't need to warn me). Anyone gone threw anything like this? Is my hormone lever just changing? What could it be? Thank you for your kind effort!

Little hormonal changes seem to be coming up in ur body. Please start with safe herbal supplements like---drinking aloe vera juice regularly

Female health support cap--1 morning evening for 2 months is best

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