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Hi. Several weeks ago I had my IUD removed. The doctor noticed I had some inflammation and gave me an antibiotic vaginal gel. I used it exactly as told and it seemed it had taken care of my problem (strange odor was my only symptom). I had what I think was ovulation pain last week for a couple days. Pretty normal for me. Discharge was clear and stretchy. Last night, though, I noticed I had white, almost waxy discharge. This morning it was thick and white as well and there was still A LOT of it.
There is absolutely no odor to it whatsoever, unpleasant or otherwise. I have no itching or discomfort.  The only thing I can think of is that my hormonal levels are different without an IUD anymore or that perhaps because I started to incorporate yoghurt into my diet.
Should I be alarmed, is this normal?

nothing to worry, rinse regularly and should avoid too much coffee and sour fruits, cold drinks .

Take more salads and green veggies.
Should start with safe herbal supplement --
Pradrantak churan--1 spoon with milk evening
Female health support cap--1 morning evening
all this for 1 month
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