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hello dr,
i m Amrita.i hv been suffering from very severe pain during my periods since d past one year.It's worst one d first day n persists for d next 3 days(severity is less dan on d first day).it is very very severe(it is like peritonitis pain,with sm guarding n even rebound tenderness,which is a feature of peritonitis).my abdomen remains bloated up for all 4 days.on d first day pain is all over d abdomen bt from 2nd day onwards it is limited to lower abdomen.it is quite frustrating coz i cannot even move or touch my abdomen as dese activities increase d pain,(even changing sides during sleeping)....sometimes dere is colicky pain also.i m so much worried coz dis pain was never a "period" issue before.initially,since menarche i used to hv mild pain on d first day n dat too for just a few hrs only.i hv never experienced pain of dis severe intensity,such incapacitating pain......it almost paralyzes me during periods.smtyms it has extended 3-4 days beyond d periods also,after d stoppage of bleeding.it increases if m stressed(like if i hv periods during exams).my main doubts are:-1)is it normal in any way 2)can it be coz of gas,as it is relieved slightly if i take pantoprazole prophylactically from 2-3 days before d expected date(also antispasmodics help) 3)is dere a possibillity dat dere is spillage of blood in pelvic cavity dat causes pain n in future it can lead to sm major problems like endometriosis or infertility and
4)most imp ques,wat could be d cause acc to u n hw can i stop it

m 26 yr old n nt married,had very normal periods(flow wise ,duration wise,pain wise,regularity wise etc) since menarche(had it at 12 yrs of age)

plzzzz help me....i will be highly greatful...thank u for ur time

Please start with
Ashoka risht ---2 spoon morning and evening after meal in---1/2 cup water
Supari pak --1 spoon powder with milk
Female health support cap---1 daily for 2 months
see details on www.planetayurveda.com
this is very safe for u
Take this for 2 months and u will see good change in ur condition
dr meenakshi

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