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I engaged in anal sex with someone and noticed that afterwards I developed a small pea sized hemorrhoid on my anus. He didn't use enough lubrication and didn't prepare the area that well for entry. I had examined myself before the encounter and nothing was there. I don't have medical insurance by the girl who examined me at Planned Parenthood confirmed that it was a hemorrhoid.

It has been about a week and I have seen little improvement as I check it daily.  I have upped my fiber, increased my water intake, used prep h ointment, use prep h medicated wipes with witchhazel, and have used pure witchhazel with cotton balls to attempt to shrink this thing but do not seem to be having much luck. What else can I do?  The good news is there is no itching or pain, but I wan this thing gone! How long does it usually take before it will go away?

apply coconut oil regularly and u should try good herbal supplement like----Hemorex cap---1 morning evening for 1 month
Rectocare tablet--1 morning evening
Apply Pilex ointment regularly
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