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was sitting down talking, started 2 feel lightheaded Tried closing my eyes but it got worse Vision slowly got darker and darker but could still see a little Decided 2 go get fresh air but I got up and grabbed the doorknob my hand wouldn't turn it Everything went black I was out. My boyfriend  was talking 2 me even slapping my face but I didn't respond he Said my eyes were staring straight into nothing when I came 2 I sat up. my whole body was shaking. I hit my head on the way down and now have a knot on my forehead. I felt fine about 20 minutes after Just a headache. this Has happened before i'm NOT PREGNANT Will answer more questions if needed. please help me better understand why this happened. i'm really scared and just want to know whether or not this is serious. have no healthcare cant afford to see a doctor right now.

I wonder ur nervous system is being effected due to lot of wind in the body. Please drink more water
And avoid too much of fried food and coffee. U should be drinking aloe vera juice regularly and cranberry juice.
If u can find Clarified butter( cow ghee)---drink 1 spoon of that in hot milk and u will feel good change in ur body. Make sure u are not constipated. Take more of fiber in ur diet.

I will suggest start with safe herbal supplement like--- Brahmi cap--1 morning evening for 1 month
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