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Dear Doctor:

My wife has lack of calcium and blood, we recently got married, after I did her laboratory examination, she has lack of calcium and blood very less than normal, 1 month ago she had a seizure and her muscles became contracted, as she had seizure attack 2 years ago as well, when we refer to doctor, doctor said this seizure attack is due to lack of calcium, and when calcium is cured the seizure also will be removed,
Meanwhile, she has lack of blood a lot, she feels tired and she is impatience. since 2 months she got pregnant, so please let me know do the lack of calcium and blood has negative affect on baby and my wife, I am really worry about that. As I heared when mother have these problems, her baby will be born incompletely or with less weight, also let me know, the lack of calcium and blood can be completely cured and removed from her body? and can she turn to a normal women or her lack of blood and calcium will remain in whole life?

Sayed Mansoor

Please start with cow ghee---1 spoon in milk regularly
Please give her---
Coral calcium--1 morning evening
Brahmi cap--1 morning evening
Ashwagandha cap--1 morning evening
all this for 2 months
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dr meenakshi

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