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QUESTION: I am 25, about to go for my first gynecology appointment and
I'm nervous because I don't like people touching me, I was sexually
Assaulted when I was 9. How do I trust the doctor if I'm very scared
By the thought of someone touching me? Should I mention it to them?

ANSWER: Yes u can mention as this is also a problem . U are disturbed and u need to mention that , as u are too senstive. U can also for a lady gynac or nurse to be around.

Other way is-----don't highlight this too much and u will be center of attention and maybe deliberately touched that way and the doctor can easily hush away that he is just treating u and u are being oversensitive and hyper.

So as a friend i will suggest that just forget the past episodes and be more confident with life. U are 25 and no way can mistreat u without ur permission.
BE strong and don't give weak impressions of urself to anyone in this world.
Well why are u getting urself examined. what is wrong with u. u can write ur medical issue to me and let me see if u can help u with light ayurveda herbs.

dr meenakshi

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am having really heavy periods and cramps that are really painful to the
Point that I am crying in pain and can't get out of bed. Midol doesn't
Seem to help and I have to wear two or three pads to keep
From leaking but most of the time-it's not enough. What could it be?

Hey my dear it is just hormonal changes nothing else. I will suggest that u start with bit of turmeric powder---1/2 spoon in milk regularly
Avoid too much of junk and fried food and coffee.
U should be taking more of papaya and apples and don't take sour fruits like lemon, oranges in diet.
Take more of salads and use more of black pepper in diet.
See if u can find Cow Ghee-( clarified butter) from some Indian store and --put --1/2 spoon in milk along with Turmeric and drink for 1 month and see the changes. U will see good improvement in ur cycle
U should  be drinking Aloe vera juice and Noni juice regularly.
If u have faith in Herbal medicines then i recommend safe herbal combinations ---
Female health support cap--1 morning evening
Pradrantak Churan---1 spoon with milk evening
see details on my
u can order with my assistant Mr Ashwani at

dr meenakshi

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