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I have a lump on my leg, its below my knee,  half way down, on the front of my leg on the bone part. Its tender when I lean on my knees, or put pressure on them. I have a appointment in a week. IM just a little worried on what it can be. I had it for about three/ four days now. Im also 19. I have other lumps on my leg, but I don't pay any attention cause they been there for about a year and they dont cause any pressure.  But this new lump does. Im just worried it might be something serious, and my appointment is in a week...long time till now. What can it be?

It might be fat deposits. Get ur Cholestrol check done.
U need to meet ur doctor and i am unable to guide u much without seeing the texture of lump.
It can be just a fat cyst or lipoma what we often call.
It is disturbance with liver function. but plz chek with ur local doctor.
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