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I never have really kept track of my cycle but this past time has been the normal 28 days. I started my period on September 21 and stopped bleeding all together this morning (the 25). It was only heavy for like two days. And I've had really bad headaches on and off for two days and now that my period is over I am super nauseous.. I also have had pretty bad "cotton-mouth" lately.. I started my period at 9 years old and usually have really long heavy periods, like 7-8 days. So I was just curious of what could be the cause to this? Am I doing something wrong? I am extremely sexually active but I don't think I'm pregnant.

Ur hormones are changing nothing else. Don't worry u are fit and fine just natural changes in body.
I will suggest that u drink cranberry juice regularly
And please start with safe herbal supplements like---
Female health support cap--1 morning evening for 2 months
And take Shatavari cap---1 daily
this is best for a female and very safe
All my female patients are using them for long durations .
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