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I went for a pap yesterday with my new Dr & It was really painful; a first in 35 yrs. Since I was 15 I've had so many they don't phase me. But this new dr was moving the speculum all around like she couldn't find my cervix. I hit the roof a few times kicking out of the stirups. This has never happened before. I don't think she even lubed the speculum, which all my other dr's have done, and she couldn't find the scraper and stopped mid pap to look for one. She took so long, 3x longer than normal. I say this only to highlight that she acted like she'd never done this before. She asked me how long it'd been since I'd had sex (3 years) since being widowed. She then proceeded to tell me my pain was due to me not having sex for "so long" (3 yrs - really?)... that women 'my age' (52) are dry, and then said to me "if you don't use it, you lose it". Finally, before she left the room, she said (twice) I'd better know that when I have sex again it will be "really REALLY painful". How could she possibly make such a claim? I've never had such an experience and now I'm truly dreading paps, and [for the first time] am worried about [remarrying &] having sex again instead of loving it. Based on my history/experience, my feeling is that it was her, and not my vagina as she was blaming. This just wasn't normal. Would you please weigh in & advise? Thanks you.

Hey!! i guess people are confusing u . Nothing to worry as such at ur age females all over the world do get these symptoms. Nothing to panic at all.
If u plan to remarry , it is Ok , don't be afraid and if u don't want to marry, that is also Ok......Having no sex , is not a problem at all. It is very natural changes at 52 yrs of age.
vagina is dry for many females even the ones who do sex regularly.

So don't worry...start with safe herbal supplements like---
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