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I'm a 36 year old female who occasionally experiences throbbing in my pelvic area. I first experienced it when I was 11 or 12 years old at a friend's sleepover. I feel this a few times per year and it only lasts a few minutes. I don't think it's anything sexual since I first experienced it as a pre-teen. It sort of feels like my muscles there are throbbing but I don't feel any lumps.

I don't know if this is somehow related but sometimes when I stand, I get a strange sensation where my inner thigh and groin meet. It usually paralyzes me for a few seconds and usually has me gasping. I don't know how best to describe this -- it sort of reminds me of a charlie horse/limb that's fallen asleep but not really.

I've never mentioned these to my OB/GYNs because I wasn't experiencing them during my visits and figured they would just blow it off.

Is this something I should be worried about? It's been 25 years and I'm still alive so I guess it's not cancerous.

Nothing to worry, it is just normal and happens with many females in their life span.
U should be taking some safe herbal supplement.

I suggest u should be taking Female Health support cap--1 daily for 2 months
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dr meenakshi

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