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Ten months ago, I had an endometrial ablation (novasure). It took a long while to recover. I was told by the nurse, that my womb was slightly too large for the device, and he tried to make it bigger to fit but probably the right side was ablated fully and possibly not all the left side.  I have had bad chronic pain ever since on my right side, from my bottom, right round my perinium and vagina up into the right of my you could draw a line from each point and that is where the pain is. It is a heavy, burning, stinging, swollen feeling, but on examination things apparently look normal.
I have spoken to the consultant who denies there was anything but a straight forward procedure.
I have seen another gyne, and she has done a pelvic scan recently.  This showed a fibroid on the right of around 4cm, and an area of 'possible old blood clot' behind the fibroid. My pain had improved somewhat before this internal scan, but since this it seems the stretching to the left to see the ovaries, has set off all the vaginal pain again. I am really concerned about it, and find that I cannot exercise or have sex without the pain really flaring up.  Do you think I should request an MRI scan of all the pelvic area.  I notice after a bowel movement that the pain flares up too.  Would a MRI show bowels also? If this is a damaged nerve, will it get any better?  I am 10 months down the line from the op.  Thank you, Regards, Lou

ANSWER: hello
Don't panic. nothing to worry, it can be easily treated with herbal medicines

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plz start with the pack recommended on my website. I have many patients who have got wonderful results with herbs and free from side effects.
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Please can you be more specific about why I should take herbs?  Do you understand what is wrong with me, as I am confused and worried about my issue and have little input from my gyne about what is wrong.  I am wondering about your expertise on this issue?  It would help if you could give some information.  Thank you



ANSWER: Yes i'm an expert , in this . I am Ayurvedic Gynac in India and we treat all gynaecological issues with herbs and we have wonderful results without any side effects.
So feel safe, i want to tell u that there is inflammation in ur uterus due to various procedures done on u.
So i will recommend mild herbs that we be soothing on ur system and will let u feel health and free from all these issues u had been facing for quite sometime.
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Dr Meenakshi
Senior Ayurvedic Consultant ( Planet Ayurveda)

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QUESTION: And do you mean the inflammation is only on the right side?  The pain is very specific and has been referred to as nerve pain. (possibly pudendal nerve)  Will herbs help this?  I also seem to have trouble taking products as I seem sensitive to many ingredients.  I have tried vitamin B12 complex but had to stop despite it helping as I became anxious and had many side effects.  Do you know specifically of women having this type of one sided pain after novasure as I am being told it is not typical of after effects of this operation, despite not previously ever having had this problem. Also, why would the internal scan set off all the pain worse again?  I am due for another one and worried

Thank you for your time,
Best Wishes,


See I first need ur faith in herbs only then i will be able to convince u that it will definitely work for u and u will be fine. I need ur positivity to make u understand that all the allopathy treatments so far are hindering ur health

Nothing to worry, ur body will definitely feel good and comfortable with mild herbs.
We have patients all over the world using them and sending back feedback of wellbeing and blessings!! the pack mentioned on the link
For 1 month atleast and let me know how u feel .

Dr Meenakshi
Senior Ayurvedic Consultant ( Planet Ayurveda)

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