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Dr. Meenaxi,

I am a 14 year old teenager. Usually, after masturbating, my outer labia unswells, and all is fine. However, its been a week, and its still swollen. I didn't to anything different, and I'm still "exploring", so I have yet to reach orgasm while masturbating. I've been masturbating for about a month or two, and do it maybe, 5 times a week. There is not any pain involved in this, just swelling. Everything is still their usual color. Help? :D

By the way... I can't go to the doctor, we have no money, insurance, and I have no guts to talk to my mom about this...?


Nothing to worry, rinse properly with lukewarm water and drink lot of water and take more salads, avoid junk food.
Stop masturbating and fingering urself for sometime as it gives infection at times from dirty hands or nails.

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