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I am a 35 year old woman, and in August, it was discovered by my gynecologist after doing some blood work, that I had a low testosterone level and underactive Thyroid.  So, I have been getting testosterone pellet insertion about every 4 months after having blood work to test my levels, and I am also on Thyroid medication.  I have been having regular periods up until October... I missed October.  I was very stressed about some mammogram results (they were normal), and that on top of the new levels in my system, could that be the reason for my missing?  I have had a pap smear last week and everything was normal. The only changes were the medications, but before that, I had them every month.  Should I be extremely worried?  Please help.

please drink aloe vera juice, take cow butter in diet and drink noni juice and this will help with periods

Start with safe herbal combinations--
Wheat grass powder--1 spoon daily
Female health support cap --1 morning and 1 evening
all this for 1 month and u will be fine

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