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I've been to many doctors about this and figured I would try to get another perspective.  

I have always been completely sexually healthy until I got my copper IUD.  Never a single yeast infection or BV infection.  However, after getting the IUD, I have had a 2 year string of infections that keep coming back, even after treatment.  My fiance and I have both been tested multiple times to rule out STDs.  All tests have come back negative.

Last month, I got fed up and got my IUD taken out.  We are currently using condoms (non-spermicidal) and the fertility awareness method as birth control.  Immediately after finishing my period, I felt a vaginal burning and went to the doctor and found out it was BV yet again.  I was prescribed a 7 day course of Flagyl, which I finished 4 days ago.  I now have what I believe to be a yeast infection, which I am about to go to the drug store to get medicine for...

My question is- Am I missing something critical to getting better?  And is this at all normal?  I am so frustrated constantly living with discomfort and not being able to have sex due to the burning and itching.  My diet is healthy, I exercise, I wear lose/cotton clothing...I don't know what else to do!

Thank you so much for your time,


Hello Steph
Please don't be upset . Ur condition can be fully cured with herbs and u will feel so happy and comfortable with ayurvedic herbs
Please stop all allopathy medicines or creams if u are using, don't use any hair remover etc. Just shave with some good shaver and apply coconut oil regularly

I will suggest that u start with the following herbal Planet Ayurveda Pack===

Neem cap-1 morning evening
Gandhak Rasayan--2 morning evening
Pitta balance cap--1 morning evening
Rinse with alum water regularly
U can order the medicines online  
see details

Dr Meenakshi

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