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hi, so me and my boyfriend were talking, and he brought up an idea as to why i have such sexual problems as i do. He brought up the question of if its possible that i was raped as a very young person. I dont know if i was or not, which brings me to this.
When i first had sex, for the first time, it did not hurt, nor bleed and my boyfriend said he never felt my hymen, so i may not have had one. Even now, the nerves in my vagina and that entire area are not what they are supposed to be. I cant really feel much with them, just pressure, but that is it, nothing else. its almost impossible for me to orgasm, taking a minimum of an hour, if were lucky. I am very attracted to my guy, so it causes problems on both sides of our relationship. Alot of times, i will be in the mood, and really wanting to have sex, but my entire sex area is just dry, wont get wet and stay wet, even if im dying in want. He feels like i dont want him, and i feel like i cant prove to him i do. its frustrating and hurtful. and Im wanting to know what you think,whether it is a good possibility that I was raped or its something different, and what can i do to get an answer to my question of if i could have been.

It is very common that hymen breaks during swimming or stretching exercises or falling or cycling at young age. It is very very common among many females. So please rule out the chances of rape .
It is not necessary that if hymen is not felt so a girl is raped or is not a virgin. It is a myth.

U have hormones problem that is why u have dry vagina.
Drink Noni juice, aloe vera juice,
Start with Herbal supplement like---
Shatavari cap---2 morning evening
Female health support--1 morning evening
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