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It is easier to bullet point the first part of my history.
* 31 Yr old Female, Mom of 2. Have had CIN1. But am clear now and have been for 3 years
* 9/2013 - I had a discectomy to remove disc mater from a couple discs that burst
* 11/2013 - Tried HCG diet, went from 160 to 148 in 40 days - and then gained it all right back
*12/2013 had new Mirena IUD inserted ( had previous one for 5 years, 6 months )
*1/2014- I went to the gyno cause my taste buds had changed so much, that I thought I was pregnant. All the sudden gone from 4-5 cups of coffee per day - to not being able to stand the smell of it. Same with any kind of alcohol. Was a daily beer drinker ( 1 or 2 with dinner ) and now can stand the taste of anything alcoholic.
*2/2014- Weight 167- appetite is very limited. Drs blame the Percocet I was taking for residual back pain from surgery
*4/2014- weight 159- Appetite still very limited, and am now off all pain meds completely. Blood tests show nothing amiss.
*7/2014 - Weight 148- again, not trying. Just no appetite.. very painful stomach aches and all day nausea have started. Medical marijuana is my only reprieve.
*8/2014 - Weight 132 Have Pelvic and uterus ultrasound, chest exray, colonoscopy, endoscopy , - all come back clear. Still no appetite. Barely able to eat when I can "smoke up" an appetite. A few bites in - and its like Ive been eating at a buffet for hours.
* 9/2014 Drs attribute it to stress and/or depression and recommend anxiety meds. I decline and strongly disagree. The next month is spent food journaling and documenting everything. rating my stomach aches, documenting how much marijuana I smoke and when.
*11/2014- Weight 124 finally go back to the dr. He completely disregards my journaling and tells me its depression. IM NOT DEPRESSED! Ive been depressed!UGH!
*1/2014 - Weight 116- I did not see a dr at all in December and just focused on eating and exercising a little. My gynecologist actually called to follow up and convinced me to go back in. I went in , had  CT scan done - all clear.

I am still 115 lbs. everyday is a struggle to keep calories in me. The stomach pain in the mornings is debilitating. EVERY MORNING. the all day nausea, is relentless. I feel like Ive been tested for everything... and here is the stuff I know I don't have :

Thyroid ( hyper or hypo)
cervical cancer

So I send out this question ... with a hope and fingers crossed.

I suggest that u start with safe herbal combinations and don't take more of allopathy drugs
Please start with--
Liver detox cap--1 morning 1 evening before meals

Ashwagandha cap--2 morning 2 evening
Weight gain cap--1 morning 1 evening
Shatavari cap--1 morning 1 evening
Brahmi chavanprash--1 spoon daily
Digestion support cap--1 morning 1 evening
See details on

AlL this for 1 month and keep me informed
U can order with Mr ashwani at and he will guide u with cost and delivery

dr meenakshi chauhan

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