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Hello, I'm a bit embarrassed to be asking a question like this, but here goes:

I have been experiencing brown/reddish discharge for a week now. It has been around 2 weeks since my last period, so while this is unusual for me, I figured maybe it was due to ovulation. But this brown discharge seems like it should not last that long. I have not been experiencing much pain.

I am 21, not pregnant, and am a virgin. I have been relatively stressed lately as college finals are soon approaching. I'm not sure if it could cause this color discharge for this long.

If anyone knows, please answer! I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Nothing to worry, it is just hormonal change, drink more water, coconut water, cranberry juice, take more fresh fruits
avoid too much of spicy and junk food. and too much of dry fruits.

take cooling stuff

I suggest that u take some good herbs like---
Shatavari cap--2 morning 2 evening
Female health support cap--1 morning 1 evening
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