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I am 36 with two children. Until about three years ago, I was having normal regular periods with no problems.  I started having some bleeding.  Not a severe hemorrhage, but still considerable.  I went to my ob/gyn who did blood tests and gave me medication for I think two weeks.  Bleeding stopped for a month then returned.  Went back. Meds again.  Bleeding stopped then returned.  Then she gave me birth control pills.  That  increased my problem. During these doctor visits, she ordered I think two ultrasounds and blood tests.  I think she said I have a cyst but I'm not sure. Went on a previously planned vacation.  Saw another Dr.  Gave me meds in addition to the birth control pills, and same story bleeding stops.  He did an ultrasound and blood tests which showed nothing.  He said it could be stress.
Went back home. And my problem returned. Went back to Dr. She said you need birth control pills for 3 moths.  Bleeding returned after I stopped the pills.  I am trying to remember all the details and be as accurate as possible.  Anyway, the last time I saw her she said your hormones are crazy and you need to be on the pill for 6 months.  I took them  for about 8 months.  And did an ultrasound around the end of that 8 months and the Dr never called back so I assumed the results were normal.  I was tired of taking the pill so I stopped at 8 months and wanted to see what happens.  And for about a year and a half thank God no bleeding whatsoever.  It was only until two weeks ago that around day 14 of my period that I noticed a little bleeding. It lasted for less than a day.  Nothing that I could see for more than a week.  Then a little red spot then nothing.  Now I'm having my period.  My periods for the past few months have been decreasing in quantity.  The amount of bleeding is less but the duration is the same and still regular or a day late or early. I want to mention that I am for the past few months  under tremendous amounts of stress.  So this  is my story and I have  two unrelated questions :
1- why do you think the bleeding returned after stopping for 1.5 years?  Could the stress be the reason? What should  I do if the bleeding returns?
2- why are my periods becoming less? Could stress also be causing the decrease in the amount of blood?  I am VERY VERY VERY stressed. Is it normal aging? Or is this early menopause? My mom had periods until I think 50 years old. But my aunt said around age 37 she had unexplained bleeding but didn't mention any details.  She had difficulty conceiving in her late 30th.
Thank you for your patience.

Nothing to worry, it is just hormonal changes coming up in your body. So don't worry
Drink coconut water , cranberry juice regularly
take Buttermilk, it helps

I suggest that u start with safe herbs---
Female health support cap--1 morning 1 evening
Pradrantak churan--1 spoon daily with water
M2 tone tab--2 morning 2 evening
see details on
all this for 1 month

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