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hello! Thank you in advance for your response and I hope for the most knowledgeable and helpful answer possible.
before i ask my question, here are a few facts about me:
i am a depressed 22 yr old also riddled with anxiety and have had panic attacks at both jobs I've had. I'm currently not working i guess because I feel so debilitated by my depression. I've taken anti-depressants (paroxetine and effexor) but was dissatisfied with the results, so i stopped taking them.
I take 75 mcg levothyroxine for my hypothyroidism.

Lately i think I've noticed a pattern where a single day out of the month I actually feel content and like i'm okay with my life- happy, even. The rest of the time I am generally miserable, especially a couple weeks before my period. It seems like i try to break up with my boyfriend every single month during that time. It's absolutely terrible. i put him and myselfthrough so much hell.
That single day, though, that i feel so good, that i actually feel normal and like I want to live, is the day my period starts or the day after. I want so bad for that to last. I understand it has to do with my female hormones, but I don't understand enough. I seriously want to know how i can extend that feeling of contentment/ reduce the feeling of hopelessness all of the other 26+ days out of the month.

All these depressive phases are coming and going due to hormone imbalance in your body
I suggest that avoid too much of coffee, tea and junk food.
Take more of veggie diet and drink lot of water and green tea
I suggestt that u start with safe herbal combinations---

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