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AngeP wrote at 2008-07-05 08:59:07
I have experienced this problem - I had to stop swimming altogether, I also loved this as a way of getting fit! I now just try to minimize my exposure, try finding a pool that uses minimum chlorine required - or even better cleans its water with ozone. If not I always take an anti-histamine before swimming which seems to help. Also I have just purchased a shower filter for my shower which removes chlorine from the water so that when I do shower after swimming I know that I'm not just adding to the problem. Unfortunately though the only real answer is to stay away from swimming pools :-(

Ft. Wayne wrote at 2011-07-14 13:44:54
I get the same irritation after swimming and I believe it is from the chemicals in the water. I do shower after swimming and try to get out of my swimmsuit as fast as possible and still get irritations. Anyhow, I researched this problem some more and it seems to be more common than I thought (made me feel a little better). I found on a german website advertisement about an all natural product and it is available also in the US. This product maybe the answer to all of us who like to go swimming and feel a little misunderstood by doctors, because it is not a yeast infection we are dealing with and we would like to have something to prevent our problem. This is the name of the product "multi-gyn actigel" and it is available online. I will go to my pharmacy and see if they can order it for me because I enjoyed the pool with my children and do not wish to wait for 3 more days. This product is also not supposed to have any side effects and is all natural!!! I do not know yet if it helps but it really sounds like this product might be the answer.  

katarina wrote at 2016-03-08 14:09:22
I read this and don't understand why Catherine even answered.

 The woman who wrote in stated that she takes off her wet bathing suit, so the bulk of Catherine's "wisdom" about not wearing a wet suit when out of the pool is a waste of time.

And the next nugget of wisdom : that she might be allergic to the chemicals - seriously ?  

I'm annoyed that I wasted the time to read it but do feel compelled to say that you Catherine should get a more useful hobby.

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