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Hi, How does one start investing money on a regular basis, trading and money management.thanks

Hello kj,

One way to start investing money on a regular basis, trading and money management is first to open up a brokerage account with a discount broker. In India, this article (http://www.indiansharebroker.com/discount-brokers/) recommends these three companies as the best discount brokers:

1) Zerodha
3) Tradejini

You should find a company with the lowest possible fees for trades, no monthly fee, and no other fees if possible.

Then start putting an amount of your savings into your trading account on a regular basis like every month, and buy shares in an Index Fund (a fund that simulates the whole market) rather than individual stocks. Ideally the Index Fund will pay a dividend. You can ask your broker what Index Funds you can buy.

Good luck!

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