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Iím writing a story about Sarah Hudek, a freshman playing baseball at Bossier Parish Community College in Bossier City, La.

Do you see an impact from women participating on traditionally male teams, such as baseball, football?
Is there a changing role of gender in sports?  
Is baseball different than, say, football in its ability to be gender inclusive?
Why do we still separate boys and girls in sports at all? Is it still necessary, and why only in some instances?
What do young women to gain from competing with men in the athletic arena?

Dear Jimmy:

I told my friend to forget about your questions since you don't have the time. Would you want me to answer some of the questions so that you have a feminist you can quote in your article or is it too late?


PS Thanks for the nice rating--even though I haven't answered any of your questions.

I am an expert in women's rights, but I have a feminist friend named Nancy Hogshead-Makar who specializes in women's rights in sports.  It would make more sense if she would answer your questions than I since this is her particular area.  I will email her as soon as I finish this email, and ask her to send me her answers to your questions and then get them to you.

If I don't hear from her in a few days, I'll try to call her.

Either way I'll get back to you.


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