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Georgia wrote at 2013-08-21 21:13:43
I have an ice box. Mine has 4 doors and has the water cooler tank in the middle. The top opening is oval as you described and it has a cast iron lid that has been cover with white porcelain. In the middle it is indented and has a handle that is flat with the surface of the ice box.

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joseph DeMartino


there is not a lot of questions that i'm unable to answer though most referring to home building i do have a lack of extensive knowledge.


i have been a woodworker for 26yrs.have worked for carpenters doing
custom interiors in some very expensive homes and offices in some commercial buildings as well.anything interior i've done.for the last
11yrs.i've had my own shop.i focus both on restoration as well as accurate reproduction of furniture.focus on primarily 19th and 20th. alot of early to mid 18th century.if i don't know the
answer i have a book relating to it.very into antique

i belong to, the national trust for historic preservation
                   carpenters and joiners of america
                   antique furniture restorers of america

i am primarily self-taught.served a four yr. apprenticeship with a phenominal dutch man,jen(john)derrickson.other than that,on the job.

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