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Woodworking/rbi scroll saw blade holder


Linda wrote at 2009-04-03 23:08:24
Hi :Gwen:

I also am looking for a part to my Hawk. Itis the small bottom plastic piece that holds the blade holder on the bottom.  Fortunately, I purchased a couple of blade holders so I have no problem there.  

Howie Z wrote at 2009-04-20 02:54:57
I too found myself searching for blade holders for my RBI 220 saw. I had a well equipped machine shop turn out lower and upper blade holders for me.  I had an extra of each made and have listed them on E Bay. These are different from the originals only in that the tension screw has a Allen head rather than a T thumb screw. Search Ebay using these key words: ( RBI Hawk Blade Holder ) These blade holders should also fit the Hawk ultra 216 and 226.

Hopefully this can help out a scroller that is in need of a blade holder.


barbjess wrote at 2009-05-11 14:49:44
Check out the Hawk website. Their is new information about how you can get parts on it.  They hve been bought out by another company

Harry Binns wrote at 2009-06-15 15:55:33
I have an RBI G4 after having an Ultra for 15 years. I was shocked when they closed but kept looking on the net and a couple weeks ago when I queried Hawk I got this link. Apparently parts are available and manufacturing will begin again soon but in Topeka Kansas. Check it out.

Leif wrote at 2009-11-16 02:45:15
Hello Gwen,

Not sure if you have heard or not but RBI is back up.

The web site is:

Maura Macaluso wrote at 2010-09-26 23:32:44
RBI hawk has been taken over by BUSHTON MANUFACTURING, LLC.

contact them at:

Eldon Lee Van Etten wrote at 2011-07-09 01:11:07
I do know that the original company was bought out by two brothers and they are located somewhere in central Kansas. I will have to some more research and see what I can find out

Jim Anderson wrote at 2011-12-16 21:28:38
I have a number for RBindustries.  It is 620-562-3557.  This is located in Kansas and they bought out RBI and have parts.  I ordered blade holders two days ago from them.  Be persistant as they don't answer their phone on a regular basis.  Hope this helps.

Paul wrote at 2012-11-25 23:45:06
I found a machinest that makes the holders for the RBI scroll saw.  Here is the link

Gregg wrote at 2013-08-05 14:35:38
I just found a RBI 226VS at a scrap yard paid 40$ the gentleman that brought it in said it didn't run, got it home , cant find a thing wrong with it. The saw works perfect,  well one mans junk as the saying goes . I looked at the blade holder on this saw, from what I see it would not take much to make one. If your saw has the same holder take the piece to local mach. shop im sure you will find it not to expensive or the may repair the one you have. good luck


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