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I am replacing my internal doors to solid wood mohagony. I got the doors dipedin chemical to get of the stain they had. Now look like raw wood .  I gave applied one coat of danish oil. They do look much better with the grain enhancing. I would the same natural look with a glossy rich gloosy finish.
Please help!
1. Do I wax them?vid yescwhich wax for good glossy finish.
2. Reoil with another danish coat and then bufffor for? gloss finish?
3. Your expertise.

Kind regards,

Hi Sid, since you have started the oil finish process, I would suggest continuing on, as oil finishes like this harden from within the wood fibers, and will eventually "build" like a varnish, enhancing the gloss level with successive coats.  I like WaterLox, which is a modified Tung oil finish that's perfect for your doors...dries predictably, resists water and staining better than other Tung/Danish oil products, and is renewable at any time to 'freshen' the look.But oils like this will yield the darkest of colors from the Mahogany.A beautiful look on Mahogany, but dark.There are lighter Tung oil finishes, but typically they will yield a browninsh hue. I would say you'll need to apply more than 5-6 coats to start to achieve a gloss finish, and with proper wiping and drying procedures upon application.The instructions/warnings/etc. are clearly written on the product, and the website is very good as well.Waxes will still leave the wood fairly light, yet offer very little protection, and need to be reapplied often.On Mahogany, wax alone would not get you a Gloss look, it is too open pored. Waterborne Acrylic urethanes would leave the Mahogany the lightest in color, and they dry quickly and can be a good choice, but they can be tricky to apply to large surfaces evenly without spraying.Again, the open pores of the Mahogany will need to be filled to a certain degree with a sealer or filler to start to get a real Gloss appearance...Were are you located?

Post back if need be- regards- Greg


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