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Woodworking/Wrong stain color on $6K of wood trim & doors


Help!  We gave our painter / stainer a sample of our maple stain choice for our cabinets and asked him to match it for our wood trim.  The stain choice is a deep chocolate brown.  However, he delivered the wood stained but not varnished or laquered.  The wood is a reddish brown, and is not at all close to the chocolate color we chose.  The stainer claims that he can tone or shade the wood with the lacquer to bring it to the chocolate color.  In fact, he wants a cabinet door so that he can match it.  In your opnion, will this work?  Is it going to hide the wood grain of the maple?  Will this wear off over time?  What is your experience with toning or staining?  He did not bring us the sample he promised before he went this far.  This is all intricate wood so sanding is not an option.  In your opinion, do we fire this painter and get someone else and buy all new woodwork?

Hi David, on any similar job, samples are a must before committing on either side...he needs to demonstrate he knows what he's doing and can do a quality job, and you need to see the final look BEFORE you commit.Tell me about the cabinets...are they a factory made cabinet? get a chocolate brown on Maple, it would typically require way more than just stain to accomplish, and toning would most likely be employed. The toning is done with dye based colors, and these will not tend to obscure grain the way a pigment based colorant will.But this type of finish is not easy to achieve without a serious set of skills and knowledge.(and some serious spray equipment) The typical factory cabinet finish can have upwards of 10 individual steps to complete, sealers, stains, toners, and clear coats...and are achieved very carefully, using compatible products designed to wok together to result in an exceptionally deep, durable finish. I know of VERY few painters that have these skills or this knowledge (actually, I cannot think of one).The species of wood can also make a difference, meaning that the stain you supplied may look quite different on the material he has than it does on the cabinets, this all has to be compensated for when developing a finish schedule to match the cabinets back- regards- Greg


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