i am looking for some advice or if you would know a place i could get advice from?
im looking on doing furniture making courses somewhere in the world: could you tell me some good places to look in to?. im 26 speak english and would be starting as a beginner but i have a little experience:
anything you could tell me would be appreciated
thank you

Hi Lambert

Thank you for your question. In the UK there are lot of courses that range from college to degree level. These type of courses can be costly so you need to work out how you are going to fund yourself. My opinion is the best way to learn practical skills is through employment... Ideally a apprenticeship. You going to find that in the UK your age will be against you. I would have thought that in your own country you would have suitable courses and may be opportunities to learn from craftsman. Before considering a move to another country try to do a basic course and develop your skills as much as you can. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of courses and training in France so I can't help you any further.



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Now been a carpenter & joiner for the past twenty years in the UK. I can give avice / help on carpentry & joinery, health & safety, woodworking machinery, power tools and suppliers.


I have served an indentured carpentry apprenticeship with a medium sized building contractor doing a wide range of domestic and commercial work. This has included office buildings, barn conversions, building extensions and renovations. During my career, I spent over three years as a wood trades technician at a college. My job involved joinery work, wood maching and helping CITB carpentry & joinery students` pratical projects. Spent three years as a accredited NVQ assessor covering site carpentry and bench joinery. Now I teach my skills to others.

Institute of carpenters

I have city and guild qualifications in site carpentry and purpose made joinery. An indentured apprenticeship Hold the equivalent of a master craftsman status.

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