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We recently acquired a contract to make survey stakes;
my question is which saw is best...a band saw or a table saw?

Hi lorne

Each type of machine has it advantages and much depends on the overall outlook. I started my workshop up from scratch so I invested into a circular saw that could cut timber and handle sheet products over purchasing a bandsaw. This was the right decision for me. Generally I can feed timber in at higher rates with the saw. The bandsaw for me does have the advantage of deeper cuts, over 12inches,  able to produce thin veneers, shape timber over the circular saw.  Crunch time, I suppose if I have got to purchase a machine which was solely going to be used for survey stake production then I would probably choose a bandsaw. You probably find it easier to put the points onto the stake, less likely to have health and safety issues. It will be important to get the right blade, probably something like a 3TPI skip tooth blade.

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