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Do you have an idea where I could find out accurate values of an old Shopsmith machine and Craftsman table saw and band saw -sander?  I am looking into selling them, but other than seeing others for sale on ebay, I wouldn't know what offers to seriously consider..


Hi Ed

I am not an appraiser of old machinery but will give you my advice on the matter.  So much depends on current condition, reliability and whether or not parts for these machines are still available.  I know it is cliche, but it is very true that the value of any item is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it in the current economy.  Also, how eager you are to get rid of the item plays into it.  My suggestion to you, is for you to put yourself in the position of buyer and do some research.  There lots of sites on the Internet selling used machines like these, particularly and Do a search on your type of item and see what similar machines in similar condition. Make note of the asking price. Get a few prices and come to an average. Of what people are asking. That would be the high end of the market.  Then go onto ebay and do an advanced search in completed auctions only.  See what the average is there.  That is the price at which a realistic buyer is willing to pay.  Then factor in how eager you are to get rid of the machines.  Discount it if you want a better chance of selling it.  Price it higher if you are in no rush.  Be sure to get your sale out to the public in as many ways as possible, particularly locally as these are items that really need to be picked up.  Find local woodworking clubs and bulletin boards at hardware stores and supermarkets.  Put an ad on and anywhere else you can place free ads.  Part of the philosophy of selling is to make sure that the buyer feels like they are getting a good deal so leave some wiggle room for negotiating in your price.  Do not get emotionally involved with the sale.  It is just a bunch of parts, not a member of your family.  I do know from personal experience that a decent used 14 inch bandsaw will go from 200 to 300 here in NYC .  If it were me selling, I would be happy to get  250. Find a happy medium and be satisfied. Good luck with your sales and have a good day.  Thanks for the question.


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