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Tree slice
Tree slice  
I have 5 tree slices that were cut in early December, and I let them sit for about 3 months now in a dry basement. They have the bark still on them. I want to use them as hot plates for a dinner table. I am wondering what would be the best finish to use. I would rather a more natural look, so no color or at least limited color change, not shiny, heat resistant and something that will hopefully keep the bark on forever.

Devin, you have two different issues here, wanting to keep the bark on and wanting a heat resistant finish.  I honestly know of no single finish that will take care of both issues.   Perhaps you can coat the bark with a few thick layers of polyurethane which should help the bark to stay in place and then apply some tung oil to the main part.  Any woodworkers oil, non vegetable based and not automotive should be fine.  Thanks for an interesting question.


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