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With reference to cutting a few hundred of 2 inch X 2 inch pieces of wood that had nails in them. Some of the nails could not be pulled out and fragments on the nails are trapped inside the wood.
In cutting these pieces of wood, I have a chop saw and and a circular saw.
To prevent saw blade damage and injury (when cutting these pieces of wood and in the event the blade makes contact with nail fragments stuck inside the wood), what type of saw would be safe to use in this instance.

Answer is my personal and professional opinion that there is no safe way to cut into wood which contains nails, hidden or not.  There is the distinct possibility of serious injury or major tool and/or shop damage occurring if you insist on doing this. Not only is the threat of kickback to be taken quite seriously, saw blades turning at a high rpm cutting through wood and then coming into contact with metal can easily shatter a blade which can send pieces flying, doing any manner of damage to you or your tools.  I can't imagine why you need to use this particular wood but if you must, I suggest it is done in an industrial setting running a remote saw. Of course shop damage could be quite costly but not as deadly as you being in the path of flying metal.  Thanks for the question.


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