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I wanted to gift my friend a basic wood carving tool set. I have gone through online shopping products. Found 12 piece chisel set which costs 600 Rupees in Indian currency. the description says the material is of wood and steel. Will the steel blades last longer?
Please help me if I can buy this product ..
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Carving chisels
Carving chisels  
Yes, this is a basic set of woodcarving tools.  They are inexpensive and low quality.   If a person is determined and motivated they will be able to work with these if there are no better tools available.  I have learned that it pays to buy quality tools so the carver does not get frustrated with cheap tools.  If the tools are not a good quality it will be harder to sharpen them and keep them sharp.  Here is a better option for a beginner carver.  We use these in my teaching class.


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