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I recently replaced the factory-supplied saw blades with upgraded ones on both my 7 1/4 inch circular saw as well as my 10 inch sliding compound miter saw (saws came from different companies). I contacted both manufacturers asking what torque should be applied when re-tightening the blade clamping bolts. In both cases, they did not indicate a torque setting or range, but simply said to make sure it was tight and snug. Frankly this astounds me. For such a potentially dangerous power tool, in both cases I am uncomfortable with such a general answer .. certainly not what I expected. Can you offer any more specific information while I still have intact fingers to type this question? Thank you.

Hi Robert

I don't think I have ever seen a manufacturer quote torque settings for bolts holding saw blades on. To be honest, what you will find is that the bolts are left hand thread, opposite to the actual blade rotation. In affect the bolt will tighten rather than come loose when being used. In the training I had we always used the tools supplied with the machines and nip it up, don't overtighten pretty much the advice given to you by the manufacturer. Rotate the blade by hand and test it side to side before checking with the power on.

You can get general bolt torque charts and this is one from the internet that I sometimes use; link

Hope this helps you.



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