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QUESTION: What tool or machine is needed to make a church pew envelope holder?

ANSWER: Hey Tony, sorry for the late response...I have seen many different styles and designs, but typically a table saw is likely the best tool for the job. Most holders are constructed of a few separate parts, fastened together to make the unit.Wood and Lexan/Plexiglass can all be worked with a table it does depend on your design ideas, but for cutting and sizing all the pieces, cutting rabbets and dados, splining, etc...nothing beats access to a decent table saw....and maybe a thickness planer to help in sizing for thickness of the parts...hope that helps a little, post back if need be.

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QUESTION: Hi Greg, Sorry for a delay response. I am having difficulty sending you a picture of what I was asking about or need.  Your suggestion did not answer my need. Te Pew envelope holder has a u shape cut-out on the back of the 1x6x4 where it holds 4-6 envelopes. the holder is fasten to the back of the church pew with two screws.  The pocket cut is where I have difficulty with. If I was only making a few I would use a wood chisel but we need to have 100. I rather not buy them  because they can be pricey.If there is a machine I can buy that I can use to make the cut out pocket that would be great.  Is this cut made with a router?
Since I am having difficulty sending you a picture can you look at this site to see what I am asking about?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hey Tony, the one you sent the link about does look like it's routed out of a single piece, but it doesn't have to be simply could be glued up from 4 different pieces.A front piece,two side pieces, and a bottom piece. That would be a LOT less labor intensive, and would yield almost identical results without any special machining.If you used Oak or a similar wood, and payed a little attention to grain orientation, your glue joints would be almost invisible, and it would appear to be made out of one piece, and in fact, thiers might be constructed that way too....hope that helps a little more, post back if need be.
Regards, Greg


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