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TheRealJonDuran wrote at 2013-01-06 21:22:19
correction* the problem says "she needs to make AT LEAST $300"

So the revenue (the left side of the equation) needs to be GREATER OR EQUAL TO. from there we get:

15x + 12y >(or equal to) 300

from this we can derive the x-int which is 20 and the y-int which is 25 by substituting (0,y) and (x,0). Further we can rewrite in y-int form with some simple algebra and we get:

y>(or equal to)-5/4x + 25.

so far we have

x-int: 20


Slope: -5/4

When we graph the inequality and we substitute the origin we see that the "top side" of the boundary (which is included in the solution set) is the shaded area. I hope this was helpful  

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