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I am completely lost on what the problem is asking me. The very first question is:

"How many grams are needed to make 300mL of a 3.20M solution of HCl?"

I know the GAM of HCl is 36.46094 grams, and 3.20 mols of that would be 116.675008 grams. I am not sure what to do next. It would help maybe if I knew which is the solvent, solute, or an attribute of the total solution. I already handed this homework in and got it back with the request that I do corrections on it for a much higher grade, and I am stuck on the first question even though I now have all the answers listed. 35g should be the answer, but I have no idea how to come up with that.

From what I know, GAM is for the Gram Atomic Mass.  I found it here:

If 3.2 moles of HCl is 116.675008 grams, that is how much would be needed in a liter of water.
Since we only have 300 mL, that is 3/10 of a liter.  Multiplying 116.675008 grams by 3/10
gives 35 grams (35.0025, so just round).

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