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Word Problems/Timetable Matrix in Schools.


Dear Prof Janet‎


6 * 8 matrix timetable representation

6 rows = monday, tuesday,wenesday,thursday,friday,saturday

8 columns = first period, second period, third period, fourth period, fifth period, sixth period, seventh period, eight period.

8 * 6 matrix timetable representation

8 rows = first period, second period, third period, fourth period, fifth period, sixth period, seventh period, eight period.

6 columns =  monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday

Both the 8*6 OR 6*8 matrix school timetable will work for entering the data as English,Science,Maths,Geography etc in the period row.

The 6*8 offers a landscape representation and 8*6 offers a portrait data representation.

Which among the two would be more appealing for designing the School Timetable ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Space does not appear to be a factor. Since the data can be abbreviated to Eng., Sci, Geo., etc., they can fit on single lines of the cells of either matrix.

How will the timetable be accessed? Will it be posted on a wall, or will it be a page in your notebook? If is kept in your notebook, then portrait orientation is more convenient, since you can read it without rotating the notebook. This is important for pages that will be accessed frequently.

If the timetable will be taped to the wall, then I would use landscape, since we normally read row-by-row and not column-by-column. Landscape presents the day's schedule in a row, which is more natural for lookup and reading.


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