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If a percentage increases from 0.04% to 0.06%, is this a 2/100 of 1 percentage point increase or a 2 percentage point increase?

I don't think that it's an increase of 2%.

I thank you for your reply.

ANSWER: 2/100

1 percentage point is 0.01
0.06% - 0.04% = 0.0006 - 0.0004 = 0.0002 = 2/100 of 0.01

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I want to thank you for your reply.

Is 2/100 of 1 percentage point and 2/100 of 1 percent the same?

I thank you for your follow-up reply.

ANSWER: No, 2/100 of 1 percentage point is not the same as 2/100 of 1 percent.
A percentage represents a *proportional* change, while a percentage point is an *absolute* change.

Suppose you estimate that 4% of the population carries a certain gene. Later, you revise the estimate upwards to 6% of the population.
What is the increase to the 4%?

The 4% has been raised 2 percentage points, to 6%.

The 4% was NOT raised by 2 percent. A 2% increase would be 2% of 4% = 0.08%, raising the estimate to only 4.08%.
Proportionally, 6% is a 50% increase!

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I'm somewhat confused, but this question may help.

2/100 of 1 percentage point equals ?

2/100 of 1 percent equals ?

0.01 is one percentage point and it is also 1 percent (%) as well.

I thank you for your assistance!

2/100 of 1 percentage point = 0.02 percentage point

2/100 of 1% = 0.02%

A percentage is a ratio.
A percentage point is the *unit* used to express the *difference* of two percentages.
Thus, 0.01 = 1%, but because you haven't specified any unit, 0.01 ≠ 1 percentage point.  

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