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1. Machine operators of Thranduil Corporation are paid on an 8-hour-a-day basis from Monday to Friday with time and a third for work over 8 hours. Mr. Columbus receives ₱490.00 per day and worked 56 hours during the recent week. Determine his gross salary for the week

2.  An engineer working from Monday to Friday at DS Automotive Racings Shop is given a rate of ₱560 for 8 hrs. in field duty and  double time for working overtime during a holiday. Find the total wage for a week if he worked for a total of 54hrs on the shop.

490 ₱/day 1 day/(8 hours) = 61.25 ₱/hour
overtime rate = 1⅓ 61.25 ₱/hour = 81⅔ ₱/hour

8 hours/day 5 days/week = 40 hours/week
56 hours - 40 hours = 16 hours of overtime

gross salary = (40 hours 61.25 ₱/hour) + (16 hours 81⅔ ₱/hour) = 3756⅔ ₱
560 ₱ 1 day/(8 hours) = 70 ₱/hour
overtime rate = 2 70 ₱/hour = 140 ₱/hour

54 hours - 40 hours = 14 hours of overtime

total wage = (40 hours 70 ₱/hour) + (14 hours 140 ₱/hour) = 4760 ₱

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