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Two partners, partners, A and B, share $1000.00 in a ratio of 2:3. How much does partner A get?

I used the following proportion method:

$2/($2+$3) = ?/$1000 =  $2/$5 = ?/$1000

Cross multiply to get the following:

$5 X ? = $2 X $1000

Now isolate the ? on the left side of the equal sign by dividing both sides of the equal sign by $5.

? = ($2 X $1000)/$5

Now cancel the dollar sign units to get 2 X $200 = $400 = A's share.

1. Is this calculation correctly used?
2. I waited to cancel the units when the calculation became
  $5 X ? = $2 X $1000. Is this okay?

I thank you for your reply

Yes, that is correct.

Units can be evaluated at any time, but leaving them until the end makes for more accurate answers in many cases.  See, in real life, most of the answer don't come out exactly if money is not being dealt with.  That's one area where people like it to be exact, for they don't want to get overcharged.  

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