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In the following percentage calculation, r = p X 1/100, does the calculation become r = (100 X r) X 1/100 if the "p" is isolated to the right hand side of the calculation?

I think that it would look like the following:
After multiplying both side of r = p X 1/100 by 100 the result would be 100 X r = p.

In the original calculation, I replaced "p" with (100 X r) since "p" now equals (r X 100).

My question is as follows: Is the following calculation correct since it has two r's in it?

r = (100 X r) X 1/100 Is this correct?

I thank you for your reply.

Hi Kenneth
You are right.
Here is a simple way to confirm it. Your equation is r = (100 X r) X 1/100. 100 in the numerator gets canceled by 100 in the denominator. Hence the equation will become r = r which is correct.
Thus you have derived a correct equation.


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