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We are a study group for an AP Physics class. We are studying for exams which are in a couple weeks. A part of that is we go over a ton of problems, situations and concepts and do them together as a group. However, when we try to do this difficult problem, we get 2-3 different answers and disagree on who is correct. We were hoping you could show us the correct answer & your steps. Complete answers including numbers would be ideal, but at the least your step-by-step would be okay.

The Q is:
As a coaster rider goes through the top of an inside loop they experience a normal force from the seat above them that pushes down at 0.4/40% of their normal weight. If the roller coaster has the same speed and radius of curve at the bottom of the loop, what is the amount of normal force the same rider experiences relative to their normal body weight (with the seat now below him/her and pushing up)?

If this means that they only felt to be 40% of their weight going up,
that is a total loss of 60% of their weight.

That means going down they would gain 60% of their weight,
so they would feel like they weighed 1.6 times as much.

This means if they were 100kg, going up would give them a feeling of only weighing 40kg and
going down would give them a feeling of weighting 160kg.

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