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Hi Scott

It takes Sarah 45 minutes to drive to work everyday. If the distance travelled from her house to her workplace is 64.5km, calculate the average speed she drives (answer to nearest 1km/h)


To find the speed, just divide distance by time.
This would give 64.5 km /45 min, which is 43 km /30 min.
That works out to be near 1.4333 km / min.

This is not the answer, though, for the answer needs to be in the nearest km/h.
Since there are 60 min/hr, take 60 (min/hr) * 43 km / 30 min to get 86 km/hr.

Note that since by visual inspection, 45 minutes is 3/4 of an hour.
To multiply 64.5 by 4/3, it can be seen that 20 is roughly 1/3 of 64.5,
so we should get something a little bigger that 64.5 + 20, which (roughly) is around 85.

Since we got 86, which is only one more, that must be right.  

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