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Mike, I have Word Perfect 11 on my computer and I love it.  I have been using one version or another for about 10 years.  I am so comfortable with it and for the most part, find it friendly.  Recently, however, my toolbar has changed for some reason.  I can no longer got to FORMAT and find the category to take care of the margins.  I do greeting cards and need to change margins frequently.  Can you suggest what might have happened and how I can get back to that setting or at least how I can now change the margins?

I agree with you. WP is the best desktop publishing software bar none! However, versions as old as 11 have some issues with XP on up. I would suggest upgrading to at least X3. You can find it very inexpensively here:


Versions 10-12 (WP) have a lot of issues with modern OSs.
Good luck.


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